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Only Rock Stars Get Hired, Are You One?

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0. OK, So how does this work, briefly?

For applicants, a few easy steps:

  1. Search - search millions of jobs anywhere in the world.
  2. Apply - apply for the job listing by submitting your interview application.
  3. Interview - take the interview anytime by calling our toll-free number (terms and conditions apply).
  4. Get Found - your strengths get you evaluated as a Rock Star, and lets our HR community find you!
  1. Get Evaluated - request an evaluation from a prospective employer.
  2. Get Ranked - get your evaluation ranked as Superior.
  3. Get Found - your strengths get you evaluated as a Rock Star, and lets our HR community find you!

For employers, our Rock Star Exchange program allows you to evaluate candidates, and get top-rated candidates in return:

  1. Enjoy a 1-minute explainer video. Click here
  2. List - post jobs for your offices around the world.
  3. Evaluate - download interviews and rate your applicants.
  4. Exchange - connect with fellow HR members to pick superior-rated applicants with our patent-pending Rock Star Exchange program.
  5. Hire - save TIME and MONEY hiring Rock Stars, found only here. Need we say more?

1. What is an Application Identification Number (AIN)?

The Application Identification Number (AIN) is an 8-digit number assigned to you by the system to identify your application for a particular career vacancy, or your audio interview application. Once you have submitted your application, an e-mail will be sent to you containing your AIN. Our audio messaging system will prompt you for your AIN when recording your audio job interview or audio interview profile. The system uses your AIN to properly process your audio interview with your particular application. It is therefore important to know your AIN.

2. Do I need to register and login to use your services?

Well, yes and no. If you are an employer or recruiter and would like to post a career vacancy at our site, you DO need to register and login. However, if you are a career seeker and would like to search, apply for, and record your audio job interview for any of the career vacancies posted at our site, you DO NOT need to register and login.

3. I can't seem to find the city I would like to apply to, what do I do?

The cities listed in the home page search facility are limited to the major city airports in the United States and Canada. Outside these countries, known major cities are listed. If your city of preference is not listed, you must select the city of or closest to a major airport. This process of selecting cities is also the same for employers or recruiters when posting their vacancy. Tell us to add your city, click here NOW!

4. Can I use my mobile phone to record an audio job interview or audio interview profile?

Sure you can. However, we CANNOT guarantee the quality of the audio due to possible dropped calls or weak signal receptions by your mobile network provider when connecting to our telephony system. We highly recommend using your residential phone line (landline).

5. Why don't you offer Video Interview Services?

Video interviews are NOT for everyone. Why would we have employers send a webcam to candidates, who may not even be tech savvy? Why would employers spend hundreds of dollars per video interview?

You see, most video interview websites display job applicants sitting down against a background, showing their faces close-up, or some at half-body. That's fine. But if you really look closely, the only difference between video and audio is lip movement. Only the job candidate's lips are moving in a video. So is there added value in a video interview?

An audio interview (your Interview Profile at our website) will have your photo on it anyway, and it works just as great if you know how to smile! In other words, an audio interview is just as efficient in communicating your ideas or responses to your employer's interview questions. Why bother with a video?

Again, our mission at Hirecules.com is to S I M P L I F Y. With our service, both employers and candidates will find the recruitment process a lot easier!

After all, your prospective employer will be impressed on how you communicate your ideas verbally, not on how you look, or what your gestures are, or the background in your video interview. If they really want you, they will call you for a face-to-face meeting. So don't waste your time, use our services, just pick up the phone, and take that interview!

6. How do I use my accumulated credits?

For applicants: 1 interview = 1 credit.
For each audio interview taken within our system using your Application Identification Number, that interview audio file will be made available to the HR Manager who posted the job. If you have no interview credits available, you are still able to take the interview using our telephony system, but your recorded responses are simply not made available to the HR Manager for that particular job posting. Further, if you abuse recording interviews without purchasing credits, your phone number will be blocked by our system, and you are not able to take further audio interviews.

To purchase Interview Credits, click here NOW!

For employers:

  1. 1 job posting = 30 credits
  2. 1 Rock Star contact info = 15 credits
  3. 1 company profile = 10 credits
  4. 1 city ad placement= 10 credits
  5. 1 top 5 company placement= 10 credits

To purchase Service Credits, click here NOW!

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